How to get good legal advice

Risks and rewards drive choices. Legal issues also require an understanding of the game and the rewards. In litigation, for example, you often risk the random assignment of a judge. The judge may run her courtroom tightly or loosely, or she may be known to rule impulsively. The risks may include the likely composition of the jury based on your […]

Is the successful salesperson made or born?

Many times when we think of a salesperson, our minds bring up images of being locked in an office at the car dealership or held captive in a timeshare presentation. But all sales jobs are not like that. It is true that it takes a certain type of personality to be successful in sales. A career in sales can offer […]

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies

It was hard to dream that we would be ranked so high on the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore. We thank our customers for helping us with the excellent review ratings and the positive and encouraging feedback about our services. We thank our clients for acknowledging our efforts and providing excellent feedback to surveyors across all parameters: 1) […]

3 Examples of HSPT Problems and Solutions

Here are some examples of the types of problems you can expect to see on the HSPT along with their solutions. VERBALJohn runs faster than Carol. Frank runs slower than either John or Beth. Carol runs faster than Beth. If both statements are true, the third is(A truth(B) false(C) uncertain This problem is an example of verbal logic. It assesses […]

A cover charge to enter the United States

If you were a foreigner who wanted to move to the United States, how much would it be worth to you? The EB-5 visa program, which was introduced on a pilot basis in 1990 and has been extended several times since, allows immigrants to exchange investment dollars for visas. Foreigners who invest between $500,000 and $1 million in public or […]