The Illusion of “Pay for Performance” Telemarketing

Throughout my tenure in the sales outsourcing field, I have been regularly approached with my thoughts on pay per performance marketing for lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. Particularly in Business to Business Outbound Telemarketing. It sure looks very attractive. There is no risk, make the provider pay for your marketing and let them work for free until the results […]

Turn your mind’s creative imagination into experience

Albert Einstein was a genius. I think it was Albert Einstein who said that the greatest creative force in the universe is the creative imagination. Imagination is the greatest creative force. Einstein accomplished a lot in his life, but he never graduated from high school. A high school dropout created the theory of relativity. Do you think he ever used […]

If that’s the law then

The 19th-century British author Charles Dickens once worked as a clerk at a law firm, and many of the characters in his novels were derived from clients he met while working at the firm. In one of his novels from the 1840s, I don’t remember which one by Dickens, there was a colloquy between two of the characters. The first […]

Sony Baby Monitor – Tuning in with your baby

Sony baby monitors are reliable little devices that will help you keep an eye on your little one. After the first few nights with your newborn, you may wish you had an adult bed installed in there along with the baby’s crib! From hourly feedings to diaper changes, your baby will have plenty of needs at night while she spends […]

Curing your Golf Slice is easier than you think

According to a survey, more than 70% of golfers say cutting is their number one problem. And many golf experts estimate that up to 85% of golfers cut or hook the ball. Needless to say, a lot of attention and money is spent on curing the dreaded golf lump. Virtually all golf equipment manufacturers claim that the ball flies […]

6 Truly Unusual Jobs That Pay Well

Private investigator. A private investigator is a person employed by individuals or groups, to carry out investigative law services. They connect clues to discover information about legal, financial, or personal matters. Private investigators generally work alone, but they sometimes work with others, particularly during surveillance or when following a subject. Actually, there is no need for formal education for most […]