The Importance of Hiring a Rape Defense Lawyer

Hiring a Rape Defense Lawyer A Dallas Rape Defense Lawyer is an essential tool in defending you against sexual assault charges. These accusations can have a profound impact on a person’s life, resulting in lengthy prison terms, forced registration as a sex offender, and loss of rights. Hiring a skilled attorney can help you fight these charges and get the […]

Choosing a NYC Bike Accident Lawyer

NYC Bike Accident Lawyer Obtaining an NYC Bike Accident Lawyer is easier than you might think. Personal injury lawyers can help you understand your rights, which could mean a lot of money in the long run. The first step is choosing an attorney who specializes in bike accidents. Then, choose one whose experience matches your needs. Flanzig & Flanzig, LLP […]

Match fixing and sports corruption

The sports industry generates billions of dollars every week. There are many people who earn an honest living from the benefits of sport. In fact, if sport were to disappear from the picture, millions of people would be unemployed and in desperate trouble. Therefore, it is essential to eradicate everything that threatens the integrity of sport. Unfortunately, there are those […]

Incest Q&A: Incest Research

Q: What’s wrong with parent-child sex? A: Sexually abusive parents use sex as a way to control their children and as a way to alleviate sexual and emotional frustration, usually due to a selfish and unsatisfying significant other or marital relationship. Incest has nothing to do with true love. The experience is oppressive, humiliating, and degrading for sexually abused children. […]