Define Constructive Dismissal

Define Constructive Dismissal In the workplace, an employer can legally dismiss a worker through constructive dismissal. This occurs when an employer creates intolerable working conditions that force the employee to resign. This type of action is typically a form of unlawful retaliation, and can be considered a breach of the employee’s contract or wrongful termination. Determining whether or not a […]

Examples of Constructive Dismissal

Constructive Dismissal The definition of constructive dismissal is very broad. It generally includes a change that negatively affects your work conditions in such a way that you feel you can no longer continue working. Changes can include any significant changes in compensation structures, working locations, hours worked, or responsibilities. Other types of behaviour that may constitute constructive dismissal are bullying, […]

Can You Get a Bail Bond For a Traffic Violation?

Bail Bond For a Traffic Violation A bail bond is a contract that guarantees the court that you will appear for your arraignment and other appearances after your arraignment until the case is resolved. A reputable bail bond company will charge you a fee to post this bond, and they will often require some kind of collateral to be posted […]

How Do Fire Lawyers Gather Evidence in Large-Scale Wildfire Cases?

Fire Lawyers As firefighters continue to battle wildfires that have devastated homes and communities across Hawaii, a number of plaintiff law firms have dispatched representatives from their offices to sign up residents and businesses in the path of the flames. These firms include Watts Guerra, Singleton Schreiber and Frantz Law Group. They are sending investigators to look at reports that […]

Overcome communication barriers between people

Good communication is not the same as convincing other people to accept your point of view. No matter how well you express yourself, it’s impractical to think that others will always agree with you. However, others will understand you if you communicate well. When you send a message, you intend to communicate meaning, but the message itself does not contain […]

5 Best Political Science Careers

p { bottom margin: 0.25 cm; line height: 120%; }a link { } If you want to make your career in political science, this article is right for you. If you are confused about career options after your degree, don’t worry because there are plenty of career opportunities available to you after completing your Bachelor of Political Science. Let’s look […]

Indian Education Sector: Outsourcing of Services by Trust to Partner Service Companies

The regulated formal education sector in India is broadly made up of schools (often classified as K-12 – kindergarten to 12) and higher education institutions. Although India has been proactive in liberalization, the education sector has remained largely unaffected by the reform process. Archaic legislations require all formal educational institutions in India to be run as “non-profit” centers by non-profit […]