Are you considering a multi-partner sex game?

Every couple has friends. However, some friendships go beyond the usual family barbecues on a summer afternoon or the typical cocktail hour. Many of us find an attraction to other partners that can best be characterized as flirtatious and perhaps even a bit sexual in nature. While no doubt most have secretly wondered what it would be like to become […]

When Funny Cars had names

There was a time when a catchy name was just as important to a fun car driver as a supercharger and nitro. A car would not run faster with a memorable name, but it did ensure profitable race bookings. Match racing paid the bills, so racing teams put a lot of effort into creating unforgettable names. Of course dragsters and […]

Breaking down #9 Ohio State at #17 Michigan

Breaking down the state of Ohio vs. Michigan Known simply in Columbus, Ann Arbor, and everywhere in between as “The Game,” Ohio State and Michigan meet again in the regular season finale for both teams. And, as is often the case, the stakes are high. The Buckeyes can’t claim anything worse than a piece of the Big 10 crown, and […]

Oakland Raiders a controversial team

It’s hard to see this team putting together a winning season with top management experiencing controversy. Word on the street has limited the Oakland Raiders coaching staff and has plagued the hearts and minds of the Raiders nation since the regular season shutdown. So Rob Ryan has been fired? or Ryan has not been fired?. Lane Kiffin is miserable and […]

College Football Week 2: Ohio State and Notre Dame lose big games, so what else is new?

(Editor’s Note: All team rankings are based on the Top 25 Coaches Survey and Sagarin Ratings, Jeff Sagarin’s mathematical and factual ratings among the competition among all 245 Division 1 teams.) Only 7 teams stayed on top and went 2-0 through the second week of the college football season: Florida, USC, Alabama, California, Boise State, Brigham Young, and Kansas. No. […]