Paintball – The history of the sport

Today, paintball is a popular sport that has spread throughout the world and has become a truly global leisure activity. Its evolution into the modern game has occurred very quickly compared to most sports. The paintball gun traces its origins to the early 1970s, when James Hale of Daisy Manufacturing invented and patented a gun for marking trees and livestock. […]

Serious Credit Card Debt: The Best Way To Deal With It Is To Change Your Attitude Immediately

48 million Americans are in massive credit card debt and don’t even realize they actually have a bad attitude that leads to low self-esteem, a stagnant financial life that turns their prospects for prosperity into reverse. You just thought the economic depression was giving you a bad attitude, right? Lots of people think the same thing, but what if you […]

You can not handle the truth!

The following is an excerpt from one of my favorite movies: A Few Good Men (or as it is known here in Australia, Three Grouse Blokes): Jessep (Jack): “Do you want answers?” Kaffee (Tom): “I think I’m entitled to them.” Jessep: “Do you want answers?” Kaffee: “I want the truth!” Jessep: “You can’t stand the truth! Son, we live in […]

Ness’s Notes (June 6)

While I don’t offer much commentary on the NHL, the Stanley Cup playoffs have always been a great “ride.” Game 1 of the Finals last night was everything a fan could ask for and more. My early Christmas wish is a great NBA Finals. Coverage starts tomorrow. My free play for Tuesday is at the Oak A’s over the Cle […]

Online Sports Betting Site – Know the Rules

Betting on sports online is very profitable if done right. Before you start betting on line sports, betting on odd sports, be it betting on pinnacle sports or sports betting, you need to know the RULES first. It is one of the most important things when betting on sports online. It is best to familiarize yourself with the rules at […]

5 benefits of a purchase order tracking process

Buying a capital asset is usually easy, since it involves placing a purchase order, submitting it to the manufacturer or distributor, and finally waiting for the time to come. But when you order more than one item from multiple vendors, you must follow a certain order tracking process. This will help you ensure that your item is not lost during […]

fantasy football

Sometimes it seems that the most fascinating elements of professional football are the behind-the-scenes dealings, as well as the mechanical creation of the perfect team. This is the idea behind fantasy football, a fantasy sports game in which players take on the role of team owners and organize themselves into a fictional league. The players drive data to determine the […]