What is a brand building strategy?

It is common for new business owners to invest heavily in the design and development of their web pages and install countless widgets and widgets whenever possible to attract the attention of their visitors. However, in most cases they do not. The problem is that they fail to convey a collective idea of ​​the business or products they are offering. […]

How much Facebook reach is good?

As you already know, the impact of EdgeRank means that not all of your followers will see your post in their news feed when you publish it. Add in the fact that around half of users don’t check Facebook every day and of those that do only spend 30-60 minutes total browsing, the chances of your posts being seen and […]

How to build a list using LinkedIn

The number of professionals using LinkedIn is growing by the minute. This portal is ideal for any business owner who wants to build new relationships, promote their business and, most importantly, meet new contacts. It is definitely a great addition to the marketing strategies you are currently using as it has more than 25 million users from all over the […]

Mauryan Pillars – Differences

The influence of West Asian factors on the art and culture of the time cannot seriously be denied in view of the close contact that existed at that time between India and other West Asian countries. But it is quite difficult to regard the Mauryan pillars simply as imitations or adaptations of the Achaemenid prototypes. There are tangible differences between […]