The advantages and disadvantages of trading futures online

In recent years, online trading has gained immense popularity in Malaysia. It started with trading stocks and shares with local banks. Now, Bursa Malaysia has also opened its doors for people to trade derivatives like futures and options over the internet. Today, with the online platform, traders and investors not only have access to Bursa Malaysia derivatives, but can also […]

What is Splunk Training?

Splunk Training Taking a Splunk training course is a great way to learn about this data analytics platform. It enables you to work with large volumes of data generated from many sources, and turn them into useful insights. It also helps you to gain a better understanding of your IT infrastructure and improve your career. Splunk is a software-based platform […]

The five most important concepts of geometry

After having written an article about the everyday uses of Geometry and another article about the applications of the principles of Geometry in the real world, my head is spinning with everything I found. Being asked what I consider to be the five most important concepts in the subject is “taking a break.” I spent almost my entire teaching career […]

Some tips on how to do a Team Building activity

Team building activities help teams learn and grow. It is important to educate teams on teamwork concepts and help them with work processes during all stages of team building. For leading teams, a few tips on planning a team building activity can be critical to the success of the team. First, determine the purpose of the team building activity to […]