Characteristics of a successful business: M&A transactions

Many companies do not reach their potential valuation or their maximum selling price. While there is no perfect business without flaws or challenges, businesses that sell at the top of the valuation range or have the highest multiple incorporate a number of common characteristics. 1. Increase in income / benefits. Cash is the fuel of business. Companies that have strong […]

Get more doors with better door-to-door opening lines

Most of us were taught a door-to-door sales opportunity that guarantees failure. I don’t know who came up with this method, but it doesn’t work and it closes a lot of doors that could open and open. The classic opening to avoid goes something like this: “Good morning. I’m Carl Davidson from Acme Inc, the world’s largest fountain pen distributor. […]

Improvise, adapt and overcome

Clint Eastwood is a favorite, as an actor and director. Eastwood is an icon of the American dream. Hardworking and versatile, his work ethic and eye for opportunity have made him a staple of entertainment for decades. Some of us remember it on the tv series, Rawhide. From spaghetti westerns, to Dirty Harry, to direct masterpieces like Gran torino andInvictus, […]

Top tips for financial planning

The financial planner generates business profit and adds value to the business. You have three statements to develop a business plan. Are Balance Sheet Preparation Preparation of the cash flow statement Preparation of the income statement The financial planning process will refer to an annual projection of records. The records should keep the expenses and income of the company, department […]

Shelving corporations

A shelf corporation is a paper or ghost corporation that is administratively formed and then “shelved” for several years until it ages. The term “shelf” or “aged” only refers to the fact that the business has already been archived and is sitting “on a shelf” waiting to be bought. A corporation is a company that was created years ago for […]

How to deal with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers

Trade is one of the pillars of the world economy. If you are an importer doing business with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, you probably find that trading is often not a straightforward process. It is loaded with many rules and regulations, interacting with a different culture and foreign ways of doing business. Learn about the way each country works to […]