My question to you: Why write an e-book?

If you are trying to decide between writing an e-book or a printed book (p-book), you don’t have to write either. Your may Do both! However, for those of us with time challenges, it’s easier and faster to finish your first e-book than your first print book, and less expensive. Here’s why: Most reluctant writers can find the time to […]

Do you know what lives under your mobile home?

Do you know what’s under your mobile home? If you are lucky and your entire mobile home rests on a concrete slab, this does not concern you. But what if your mobile home is sitting on the ground or half on concrete and half on concrete? Keep reading. What is living under your mobile home? Did you know that there […]

Gurdjieff’s cheek

“I don’t pretend to understand George Ivanovich,” said Mrs. Ouspensky. “For me it is X”. It was January 1924 and her husband had just left Gurdjieff. His departure, with the additional warning to his students to forbid them to see or speak about Mr. Gurdjieff, raised the perennial question by then: who was Gurdjieff? Many people have tried to answer […]

Fortaleza Bar and Club Nightlife Hot Spots

More and more people are discovering how amazing Fortaleza Brazil’s nightlife can be. Although the destination has recently become a popular tourist destination, the city is fast becoming a haven for visitors from all over the world. Although the beaches are what attract people to Fortaleza, it is the nightlife that captivates them and keeps them coming back year after […]

Where can I buy Roku?

If you’ve been wondering “Where can I buy Roku?” then this article is for you. People all over the world are interested in the latest technology available for their television and home entertainment system, and I’d like to help them find a great deal. The Roku player is quite an impressive device. It allows you, the user, to stream tons […]

How to calculate the intrinsic value of stocks like Warren Buffett

One of the most sought after calculations in all investments is Warren Buffett’s intrinsic value formula. Although it may seem elusive to most, for anyone who has studied Buffett’s Columbia business professor Benjamin Graham, the calculation becomes more obvious. Remember that the intrinsic value formula that Buffett uses is an adornment of Graham’s ideas and fundamentals. One of the most […]

Different types of kitchen tables for every need

In recent years, as many kitchen designs have emerged, the furniture it contains has also changed, specifically the tables. Tables are a staple for kitchens everywhere and a lot has been done to improve them. If you are considering a new kitchen table for your kitchen, here is a quick guide to the different types out there. 1. Common in […]

How to set up a home computer network

Many people want to know how to set up a home computer network so that they can benefit from having a link for their computers, external storage devices, printers, game consoles, files, phones, and home entertainment systems that have network capabilities. wireless or wired. Architecture network The first stage is to decide on the architecture of your network, that is, […]