A taste of Bologna

Caveat! This article has nothing to do with the horrible meat in the sandwich. After battling rush hour congestion, some GPS misinformation, tiny crowded streets, and a commercial strip packed with strolling groups on a Saturday night, listening to “buonasera signora” is immediately relaxing! Thus began the visit to Bologna. Arriving on a Saturday, at the height of late-night shopping […]

Accucheck Aviva Glucose Meter for Diabetes Management

Diabetes control is very important, whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. In general though, type 1 diabetes requires more intensive management due to the use of insulin in treatment which can be affected by diet, exercise and can cause excessively high or low glucose levels. To help control your diabetes, you will need a glucometer or glucose […]

What is the difference between a Ponzi and a HYIP?

Online HYIPs rarely provide information to their investors about what is being done with their money. This makes it easier for fraudulent programs to succeed. Rogue organizers can set up a website to look like the other HYIPs available on the net, wait for investors to put their money in their hands, then stop the activity and walk away with […]

Importance of a video marketing strategy in the world of digital public relations

Video marketing is a major commitment involving video creation, editing, and publishing functions that are much more resource and time consuming compared to content writing. If you look at it the other way around, video content is also much more effective than its text-based counterpart. Here are some fundamental video marketing principles that will help PR agencies establish their clients’ […]

Platonic chemistry of fullerenes and the uniqueness of information

During the sixth century BC, the Greek philosopher Thales, who studied political ethics in the Egyptian Mystery Schools, was followed by the philosopher Pythagoras. In the fourth century B.C. C., the scientist Anaxagoras developed the concept of We, a rotating force that acted on primordial particles in space to form worlds. Plato conflated ethics with the We, which was believed […]

Is Google Wallet better than Amazon Wallet?

With rapid and comprehensive technological advances, now you no longer need to carry your cash with you. When you already have your Android Smartphone or your iPhone, you have more than enough ways to spend your loyalty cards and other credits using the digital wallet. What you need to realize here is that you have options like Google Wallet and […]