Balance your work, family and social life

Balance your work, family and social life By Gene Griessman, PhD   Many of us have an image of personal balance as a set of scales in perfect balance every day. But that’s an unrealistic goal. You will be very frustrated if you try to allocate a predetermined portion of time each day for work, family, and your social life. […]

Using the "Cabling" Short reporter

(The original article below was published in the Milwaukee Law Journal in 2002. Following are groundbreaking changes in technology and the process since the original publication.) The introduction of computers to the court reporting industry in the mid-1970s opened the door to many new reporting products and services and is ultimately creating greater capacity for litigants. Computer-assisted transcription (CAT), the […]

Storage Wars: Microsoft Slashes Additional Storage Prices

Inexpensive cloud storage services are fast becoming a battleground for the world’s largest software companies, from Amazon’s new Fire phone with unlimited photo storage, to Apple’s recent announcement of a cut of prices of almost 70% for iCloud plans, even hardware giant ASUS is entering the market. action. Microsoft, following in the footsteps of rivals such as Apple and Google, […]

Specialty coffee cups: where to find them

The name special coffee cups must first be defined. Specialty coffee mugs can be ceramic, metal, or plastic, and most are made in eight-ounce, eleven-ounce, and eighteen-ounce sizes. They can come with a single design that displays the name or logo of a specific company, university, organization, or group. Ceramic mugs made by a potter can be a special order […]

How to value a gas station for sale

In most cases, the process of valuing a gas station can be complicated. Away from the usual question of how to progress through the steps of the appraisal itself, there are still a wide variety of variables to keep track of, including primarily whether the property in question is owned or leased and whether it is owned. as part of […]

Belly rings are safer than ever

Belly rings are no longer one of the most dangerous piercings to get. Belly rings have benefited the most from the new guidelines when it comes to piercing. They have also benefited greatly from the society that accepts piercings in all genders and age groups. Ever since belly rings were seen on the runways in the early 1990s, teenage girls […]

Nokia n95 – The super baby

Woooh hooo …! Here comes another top photo of the new Nokia n95 from the Nokia family. The computer or phone with more than one phone, fully equipped with all the latest features that allow it to function as a computer. The 5 megapixel camera makes you forget your camera as it has digital zoom, auto focus, flash, camera key, […]

How to fix a PCL XL error

Occasionally, HP printers can have a problem known as a PCL XL error. The PCL XL error appears to make certain documents impossible to print. It can occur intermittently or with every print request. Fixing it is key to getting the printer working properly again. Different types of PCL XL errors This type of error indicates an interruption in the […]

Will smart home automation change modern life forever?

Smart home automation is rapidly gaining recognition among consumers around the world. In today’s age, much emphasis is being placed on technologies that make daily life convenient, fast, and easy. Automation is one of those booming technologies that is seeing advances in terms of innovation and applications at a supersonic pace. Home automation or smart home technology involves the mechanization […]

Digital and well-being in the 21st century

The Internet was an invention that brought a wave of change to people’s lives. It created a new dimension in which people could dedicate their time and give themselves a different identity. The need for an online presence has further increased the amount of time spent in the world of the web. The concept of digital wellness is slowly coming […]