4 Content Marketing Mistakes Made By Coaches, Consultants, Individual Entrepreneurs, And Small Businesses

1. You give up too soon Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It is a long game. You can’t post 3 articles on your blog and then complain that no one is reading your stuff … or commenting or sharing. The most successful content marketers have done this for years, publishing high-quality content that is relevant and valuable […]

Studio Owner Job Description – Belly Dancing

Many people enjoy belly dancing lessons and participating in performances. After gaining experience in teaching and performance, you feel you are qualified to open a business. Do you want to open a studio in a home environment or do you want to rent a commercial space? There are many great reasons to teach at home; however, zoning regulations may not […]

It’s better in the Bahamas!

Discover the excitement of the Bahamas without breaking your wallet We all need a vacation from time to time, right? There are few places that offer more relaxation and something for practically everyone like the Bahamas. Travelers, businessmen and vacationers from all over the world visit the Bahamas regularly. New Providence Bahamas is recognized as the commercial and industrial center […]

Christmas decoration: spend less and enjoy more

Have you noticed that retailers start displaying their Christmas decorations and merchandise earlier and earlier each year? Some people welcome Christmas cheer early, while others like me; I feel like there is too much Christmas coming up soon. According to a scientific survey of 1,000 American adults, 73 percent agree with the statement that “it’s annoying that the holiday shopping […]

Music Theory – What is Reverb?

Understanding reverb When we hear sounds in the “real world”, they are in an acoustic space. For example, suppose you are playing an acoustic guitar in your living room. Not only do you hear the sound of the guitar, but because the guitar generates sound waves, they bounce off the walls, ceiling, and floor. Some of these sound waves return […]