5 ways to boost fall production

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a difficult year.

First the pandemic; then be sent home to work; then you find it difficult to get in touch with people who also work from home …

Now that fall is almost upon us, things are still up in the air: are our kids going back to school? Shall we go back to the office? Are the prospects going to answer their phones?

In a sea of ​​uncertainty, one thing is for sure: we still have quotas to meet, bills to pay, and life will go on.

Here are 5 things you can do right now to prepare for a good fall and happy holidays to come:

1) Don’t give up. Oh I know, although you may not be able to see how to get out of things right now, remember that things will change. More and more companies are opening; each of these companies has goals and quotas just like you. They want and need to buy what you sell. And they will.

So, work to adjust your attitude and begin to envision the end of this year as much more productive than it has been. Remember: it all starts with our attitudes.

2) Start with your existing customer base. While it can be difficult to reach many new customers over the phone, you probably have the phone numbers of your existing customers. Call them this week; reconnect with them. And then ask for references.

Any reference will do: references in other departments in your company, other locations, other contacts they know. And don’t forget to monitor your needs this fall. Why not write a pre-order right now?

3) Rewrite your email campaign. Many clients I work with are having great success rewriting and reorganizing a drip email campaign for prospects. Question: When was the last time you rewrote your email campaign?

4) Make a production plan. And I don’t mean a “quota” production plan, I mean an activity plan. Do you have a specific goal for the number of calls and emails you will make and send each day? Are you tracking it? Are you reaching it?

Someone once said that if you are not planning, you are planning to fail. No matter what your short-term results are, what matters is your consistent level of activity every day. If you try hard, you will get results.

5) Put braces in place. Make sure to change the ways you reward yourself when you reach your goals. Did you make your production goals today? Reward yourself. Did you reach your quota goal this month? Take you and your spouse / family out for a nice (socially distanced) meal.

We all need to take care of ourselves and give ourselves the motivation we need to be successful, especially in this environment. So, think about what you enjoy and reward yourself accordingly.

Practice these strategies this week and start looking forward to a happy and accomplished fall and holiday season this year. You deserve it.

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