A Cocaine Song That Tells About Cocaine Addiction

About Cocaine Addiction

One of the biggest misconceptions about cocaine is that it’s only a “party” drug. This mistaken thought may have started due to a few bad experiences with cocaine use in the past, but it isn’t true. As may be expected, if cocaine was only used for partying purposes, we would’ve gotten rid of it long ago. The truth is, cocaine is an extremely addictive drug that can wreak havoc on your life if you let it.

On the album slowhand, Michael Jackson uses his own voice to sing about the use of cocaine. It should come as no surprise that cocaine has a huge impact on music today. Unfortunately, some people actually think that because it’s on a Michael Jackson song, it must be safe to use. That may be one of the reasons why so many people think this, but this simply isn’t the case.

I’m going to take a bit of time to discuss one of my all time favorite songs, which is the first single off the album “A Day In The Life”. The first verse makes mention of crack cocaine and what a bad experience it is. It goes on to talk about how a girl broke his heart a few days later when he left her, which is obviously why he was addicted to the drug in the first place. The reality of the situation was that she was the one breaking up with him, not him breaking up with her!

A Cocaine Song That Tells About Cocaine Addiction

Once the anti-drug song starts to play, the lyrics just go on about how using cocaine or doing drugs is a bad thing. There really isn’t any other information about the drug, other than that it was used by some people in the song (notably the woman in the previous line). Most likely the writer wasn’t into doing drugs himself and is just passing information to the listener. He doesn’t mention the woman’s name, her addiction to cocaine, how long it took her to break free from the habit, or why in the song he didn’t even tell her that she was an addict in the first place.

This all changed when John Coltrane wrote a song called “Don’t Take Me Alive”. This was the first non-narcotic song that Coltrane had written and it contained all of the information that we would learn about cocaine use in the next decade. Although not about cocaine directly, the lyrics do reveal a great deal about the nature of drug use in general and they also talk about how the drug can be turned into something else if one is not careful. The anti-drug song talks about the danger of becoming dependent on cocaine, which is the crux of the matter; if you’re hooked on cocaine and you stop taking it then you’ve done your body some damage.

The title of this song is quite telling; it is a song about a woman who has given up cocaine and now wants to start a new life. However, in the song she talks about how she feels guilty about lying to her family about her addiction, which is what many women do when they are addicted. To make matters worse she is trying to force herself to take off the drug by doing work but she keeps rejecting it, even though the work is supposed to help her recover. This highlights the difference between using something to excess and using it responsibly, if the user lies to themselves about their usage it is ultimately destructive and should be confronted and stopped.

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