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Aura Energy Booster

Aura boosting energy is a wonderful way to encompass and strengthen the energy that already resides in your aura layers, not to mention giving your physical body an energy boost at the same time.

So what is an aura enhancer? An aura boost is pretty much what you think it is, an energy boost for your aura layers. Now why would you want this done, or even need something like this done? This type of energy work is primarily for those who are working on healing their auras, for those who know they have a lot of trouble with stagnant or cloudy energy in their auras, as well as for those who want to have an extra boost of energy. . on the physical plane.

Since our seven major area layers surround us all the time, and your first aura layer directly corresponds to your physical body and shows your physical sensations, having an aura booster healing directly corresponds to giving your physical body a type energy booster as well. You can do this with a simple crystal healing session, which you can do in the comfort of your home.

When you want to do an aura energy boosting session, make sure you are grounded and centered before you begin. Take Sugilite in your dominant hand and start by doing large sweeping motions around your entire body. You don’t have to spread your arms too far, as this will seep into your first aura layer and the energy will spread outward to cover all of your main seven layers. Do this for at least 5 minutes. Once you have completed this section, sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and holding the Sugilite in your dominant hand. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for another 10 minutes. This will allow any additional energy that may need to be absorbed by your aura layers to do this at this time. Remember to clean your glass after each session!

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