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Dreams don’t die

Look at your life. Are you where you expected to see you? Is this what you had in mind when you once had a dream? Are you living your dream? If your answer to these questions is NO, then take on the task of making your dreams come true. It is a unique decision. Dreams don’t die.

If you ever have the opportunity to address a room full of third graders, ask each of them to tell you about their dreams. Children always have dreams. They always know what they want to be. And they will tell you with joy what those dreams are. Now what is the difference between you, forty or fifty or even sixty years old, and one of those third graders?

I will tell you the difference; Life passed!

Life always happens. Life brings joy and heartbreak, successes and failures, victories and defeats, setbacks and disappointments. Whatever it is, life will bring it. And for most of us we believe that there is nothing we can do about it. The reason we think there is nothing we can do about it is because of how we handle the various curve balls that life throws at us. Do those challenges or victories break you or motivate you to try harder and harder to achieve your dreams?

Good things can kill your dreams. I will say it again. Good things kill your dreams. Marriage is good, right? All over this planet, men and women are considered “successful” if they are married. It is considered an achievement. And as wonderful as marriage is, it is a great dream killer. How many young women, full of enthusiasm and dreams, have lost that enthusiasm and their dreams evaporate like water vapor? Keep that thought about steam. Millions of women are in what are considered successful marriages, but they are not living their dreams. Many men are in successful marriages and are not living their dreams.

How many have gotten very good, well-paying jobs, and yet when they look at their dreams, they are nothing more than a distant memory. They are like something in an alternate universe. Believe it or not, it’s often the good things that keep us from being Great. When life is “good” we tend to become complacent. We tend to slide through life. A comfortable life is perhaps one of the most destructive dream killers. You work, you get paid, you can pay your bills, but you have a lot of debts. Manageable debt but you are able to make payments on time and live comfortably. Life is good. But it is NOT cool.

You in your greatness are doing what you love. Brings you joy. It gives you satisfaction. There are no regrets when you are living it. Living a great life is not on borrowed money. Your dreams will allow you to live on your own terms, not according to the terms set by the bank or credit card company.

Now, do you remember that steam? You see when the water dries up, it doesn’t mean that it no longer exists. It just exists in another way. But that shape can turn back to water. We see this all the time in nature. We have all learned about the rain. Consider everything in your life that has put your dreams aside. Whatever those events, things, or experiences are, let’s call them Evaporation. This is the process in the water cycle that transforms water molecules into steam. But there is another process called Condensation. That is the process that turns that vapor back into liquid.

Your dreams don’t die. With the right energy, your dreams can be revived. It only takes one decision. You just need to decide that no matter what life threw or threw at you, you will chase your dreams. You will never achieve that Great Life without a dream. It is the creative vehicle that takes you from a mediocre life to one of greatness. But it takes only one decision. Not many. Just one decision. Change your mind and watch life unfold around you. Dreams don’t die. So at forty, fifty, sixty or whatever your age, make up your mind to pursue your dreams. Stop looking at your age. When water forms again from condensation, it is not “old” water. In fact, the water we drink and bathe in has existed for millions of years. Stop worrying about your age. Yesterday is in the past. Live the rest of your life on your terms. Your dreams await you to relive them. Do it now!

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