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Microdermabrasion to treat aging skin

If your daily routine typically involves the use of many different creams and lotions, then it might be time to keep things simple. A skin care regimen that is long and complicated can cause skin problems, such as damaging the skin barrier, which is one of the reasons why skin can dry out or have blemishes and breakouts. Ingredients in skincare products are not always kind to your skin, as they can contain chemicals that can cause damage. A safe way to care for your skin is to use natural cleansers, scrubs, and moisturizers.

We must use creams that are appropriate for the age of our skin, because what worked for us in our twenties will not necessarily be suitable for our skin in our thirties, forties and beyond, so we must re-evaluate the products we use. our face As we age our skin will change, we may have had pimples in our teens and maybe oily skin in our twenties, in our thirties we usually show fine lines and wrinkles on our face and in our forties and beyond our skin may show age spots. become dry and less firm.

Heavy, thick creams won’t necessarily moisturize your skin better than lighter, thinner creams. They sit on your face clogging your pores and trapping dead skin cells, which will result in pimples and leave your skin dull. A serum is a much lighter option to hydrate the skin with its concentrated ingredients. Weekly exfoliation will remove dead cells and revitalize your skin, giving it a healthy glow.

Our lifestyle can also have a negative effect on the skin, although we can modify certain lifestyle choices to help keep it in good condition.

  • Smoking will dehydrate the skin and cause wrinkles as well as being bad for our health.
  • Excess alcohol causes blood vessels in the face to dilate, resulting in red spider veins. Excessive alcohol consumption can also exacerbate pre-existing skin conditions, such as rosacea.
  • Stress can have a negative effect on the health of our skin, so we must work to reduce our stress levels. Exercise and meditation are great stress relievers and can help improve our overall health and quality of life.

Any exposure to the sun has an aging effect on the skin so we should always use a high factor sunscreen, even when it’s not sunny. Sun damage is the main cause of aging and can lead to freckles, sun spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, and in worst cases can lead to skin cancer. While much of the damage is permanent, treatment can lessen some signs of sun damage that make you look older.

A professional treatment can help keep facial skin in optimal condition. Regular facials to remove dull, dead skin can really lift your complexion. Microdermabrasion and chemical peels can hydrate and brighten skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, and fade sun spots.

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