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The history of erotic movies in Turkey: the first fully Turkish pornographic film

Movie-making Turks have had no qualms about including earthly themes or meaty cinematic scenes in their films since the 1950s. That’s when street-walking prostitutes, drug-dependent harem girls, topless damsels In distress, soapy half-naked bathers, sexually provocative belly dancers, and uninvited sex began to appear for the first time in mainstream Turkish motion movies.

The ‘intensity’ of erotic action in mainstream Turkish movies intensified in the 1960s when erotic scenes of the opposite sex began to heat up. And in the conventional way of Atif Yilmaz Iki Gemi Yanyana (Two ships side by side), the opening scene of a Turkish lesbian movie, a fiery one for its time, in which Suzan Avci and Sevda Nur French kissed on camera, shocked Turkish viewers when it was first shown in 1963.

Female cinematic sex symbols during the ‘Turkish Vampire Age’ (1950-1960) included Neriman Köksal (who made 177 films between 1950 and 1995), Funda Yanar. [pictured on our website as a topless dancer in Büyük Sehrin Kanunu (Big City Law, 1965] and Leyla Sayar, who, in 1960, performed a memorably daring striptease act (we are told) at Atif Yilmaz Ölüm Perdesi (Curtain of death) … But Leyla Hanim drew the line in 1972, when she realized the direction in which seks filmleri furyasi (erotic cinema boom) would take her. And after a brief stint as a nightclub dancer, she left the entertainment business entirely … and opted for a simple, godly life.

But it wasn’t until 1972 that Parcali Behçet (starring action man Behçet Nacar), which was made in a desperate attempt by the filmmakers to lure audiences away from their newly acquired home televisions and back to nearly empty theater seats, became the first Turkish film produced exclusively for erotic purposes.

And when Parcali Behçet drew a crowd of 7,000 on opening day to its opening presentation in Konya (Mevlana’s ‘hometown’, at the heart of Turkish religious conservatism). Turkish filmmakers took notice (and were happy). Later, when the film enjoyed a 6-month run, in two theaters side by side right in the middle of that beautiful city, well, the filmmakers believed they had found the holy grail. And from that moment until 1979, the production of erotik Turkish films multiplied.

The Three Most Popular Genres for Legally Produced Turkish erotik The films between 1972 and 1978 were Comedy, Adventure, and Murder Mystery. And they all had in common a not-so-well-kept secret about themselves. The secret was that Turkish actors and actresses did not actually perform the sexual act. They just faked it … Men wore underwear (boxer shorts) and camera angles were chosen to hide the fact, sometimes without much success. There are many flashes of men’s white briefs in Turkish. erotik movies made between 1972 and 1978!

Any real sex that appeared in these movies was done by foreigners in parch (movie clips) that were inserted at predictable intervals from the Turkish movie. Sometimes these parch they were made specifically for the Turkish movie they appeared in, but in most cases they were just crude cuts from foreign movies, often completely inappropriate (in focus or color) for Turkish movie.

That kind of erotik The film-making subterfuge came to a sudden halt in 1979, when the first all-Turkish cast was filmed in the first legally produced and distributed film. take off gloves turkish porno movie, Öyle Bir Kadin Ki (A woman like that) – directed by Naki Yurter, starring Zerrin Dogan and Levent Günsel in the lead female and male roles.

Öyle Bir Kadin Ki set the Turkish film industry on fire, having an even greater influence on the immediate directions of Turkish filmmaking than Deep Throat had in making American movies in 1972 ‘.Kadin‘removed the financial padding from its soft core erotik rivals (and mainstream), and had a profound effect (for a time) on the production of almost all Turkish films (erotic or mainstream) that followed, opening a new chapter in the ‘History of Turkish Cinema’ …

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