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The Safari web browser on the Apple iPhone 4 and iPad 2

Apple’s fifth iteration of its mobile platform is expected to launch in the second week of October. IOS 5 will bring all the new features to its famous operating system. Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPad will be able to enjoy these new features. One of these new features is the Safari web browser.

This browser is an improved version of Apple’s popular Internet browsing software application. It will allow you to visit your favorite websites. This includes social media, news, online shopping, and much more. You will be able to enjoy ultra-fast Internet. This means that web pages will load instantly when connected via 3G or Wi-Fi.

In addition to giving you quick access to the World Wide Web, there are a few more enhancements that weren’t present in the past. One of them is a distraction-free article reader. One of the problems many readers experience is the distractions surrounding the content. If you’re reading an article, ads, banners, and pop-ups will make the content look cluttered. This tends to be distracting. The reader will get rid of all this clutter. As you read, all you will see is the text without all the annoying distractions.

With the Safari web browser on iPhone 4 and iPad 2, you can enjoy another enhancement. This is the reading list. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you will find literally millions of articles to read. However, there is simply no way to read them all at once. If you want to come back to these to read later, Apple’s browser has a solution. You can save articles to read later with the Reading List. If you find content that interests you, you can simply save it to this list. By saving text to this list, you can now return to the content for future reading.

If you have more than one iOS 5 device, do you have to log into the website that has the article to continue reading? Can this be time consuming and confusing? This will not be the case with Apple’s iOS 5. This new operating system will allow you to enjoy iCloud. This is Apple’s cloud storage service. Besides allowing you to store files and media in the clouds, it will also allow you to save your Reading List. This means that you can continue reading regardless of the iOS device you are using. You can save a list on Apple iPhone 4 and continue reading on iPad 2. This is one of the convenient features offered by the fifth generation of iOS.

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