best perfume for ladies

Perfume can very well be considered as a fashion accessory for women. With the right scent, you can exude elegance and luxury. That’s why most women don’t give up their signature fragrance when shopping for a whole new wardrobe. Ladies wear perfumes because they want to give off a certain scent that makes them happy and clean. It works the […]

International Student Housing: Start Your Search Early

The demand for quality international education translates directly into increased demand for international student accommodation. As more and more students enroll in world-class institutions and world schools, they often have to leave their home country or city to study. Although you can secure your admission to your favorite program and college, your college or university is not guaranteed to provide […]

Basketball: the power of symbolism in free throws

As a coach and teacher for about 40 years, I have learned a few things. Learning is a fascinating thing, and yet I think some of us take it for granted. “Life” itself is a tremendous journey filled with constant learning, to help us improve our station in life, hopefully have a good respectable life, and survive to the end […]

Market segmentation for nonprofit organizations in 7 steps

Nonprofit organizations can and should adopt best practices borrowed from the for-profit sector when doing so will help them run a more efficient and productive organization. In fact, nonprofits should take seriously any business or operational practices that can reduce costs and further stretch the operating budget. One such practice is market segmentation. Market segmentation is the discipline of dividing […]

Characteristics of modern furniture – 5 easy steps

Modern furniture has some defining characteristics that make it different compared to other types of common furniture. Do you know what those characteristics are? If not, this article is here to help. 1. Simplicity One of the most recognizable things about modern furniture is the fact that it is simple in both nature and design. Most modern pieces have sharp, […]