Are There Any Bike Storage Facilities Available at Student Accommodation?

Bike Storage Facilities Available at Student Accommodation

Almost all Lancashire student accommodation buildings provide bike storage facilities, but if your building doesn’t, it’s easy enough to lobby your landlord to have one installed or to find an apartment that does. You can also store your bicycle in a garage, which is usually required by law to provide parking for bikes. Many city and township-owned garages also rent out spaces monthly for a small fee. And if you’re a member of a gym or health club, some of them will allow you to use their bike storage.

All students who bring a bike to campus must comply with the College’s Bicycle Parking Regulations. This includes having your bike properly secured at all times. Bicycles that are not locked to a bicycle rack, or parked in places where they are blocking access to a public building, sidewalk, or emergency (bluelight) telephone are considered improperly parked and may be moved by University Police. You are required to register your bicycle with Parking and Transportation Services before using any University bicycle parking facilities.

In addition to the bike parking facilities available in your student hall, there are two Bike Hubs on Callaghan Campus that offer fully enclosed secure bike storage. Each facility offers 52 bicycle storage racks, 44 lockers, tyre pumps, shower and toilet facilities and is available on a first-in, first-serve basis for both students and staff. These facilities can be accessed 24/7 and entry is via swipe card, which is automatically applied to your student/staff card.

Are There Any Bike Storage Facilities Available at Student Accommodation?

Students are encouraged to use bicycles to travel around campus as it’s a great way to get exercise and reduce the impact on the environment. However, we recognise that some of you may choose to drive a car to university. If you are planning to bring a car, there are limited parking spaces available in some of our halls and you must apply for a car park permit through the e-store when you confirm your Lancashire student accommodation booking.

Student accommodation can serve as a hub for career development. Take advantage of the career resources available through your accommodation provider or university. Attend career fairs, workshops, or networking events. Utilize career counseling services, resume reviews, or mock interviews to enhance your job-seeking skills. Engage with alumni or industry professionals who may be connected to your accommodation community. Seek internships or part-time employment opportunities relevant to your field of study. By actively exploring career development resources, you can gain valuable insights, expand your professional network, and increase your chances of success in the job market after graduation.

We have more than 450 outdoor bike racks of various styles throughout campus for short-term bike parking. We also have a number of secure bike lockers for rent, which completely enclose your bicycle and gear and are a good option for those who want long-term all-weather parking. Lockers are available in Posvar Passage and Sutherland Hall, with more to be added soon.

Residents in Nordenberg Hall and Bigelow Residences have access to a bike room in their building, which can accommodate up to 18 bicycles. If you are a resident in either of these buildings and would like to use the bike room, please complete this application. Bicycles that are not removed from the bike rooms by the end of your move-out day will be considered abandoned and discarded.

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