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The desire to be happy is what motivates most people. Whether it’s true love or being rich, the reason we chase after things is because we believe they will make us happy.

Psychologists generally agree that much of our behavior may be due to subconscious influence. This is incredible! Who is in charge? The conscious or the subconscious? Many actions we take are driven by impulses that are outside of our awareness. Often, we are not aware of what makes us do things.

This explains the repeated unwanted results. For example, not following diet or exercise plans.

conscious and subconscious

Eastern medicine, along with the behavioral schools of Western psychology, have long recognized the link between the emotions and the body. With that link in mind, Dr. Scott Walker of Encinitas, California discovered that he could help a patient access the triggers that produce physical responses. Through trial and error, Walker discovered that when the subconscious gives a message that conflicts with the conscious mind, a strong muscle weakens. By having a patient hold one arm out and make a statement such as “I’m fine with who I am,” Walker would test the strength of one arm. If the arm becomes weak, it would be an indication that the patient’s subconscious was not aligned with the conscious statement. This procedure of matching the conscious with the subconscious is called NET (Neuro Emotional Technique)

Through muscle testing, he found a way for the patient to recall the stored memories and the original incident.

Using his clinical procedures to communicate with the body, Dr. Walker was able to help patients overcome current emotional blocks that had been “stuck” in the subconscious for years.

The NET treatment is a physical release, not a psychological therapy. It does not involve hypnosis or “talk it over” therapy. Talk therapy can take years to resolve childhood pains. NET takes a few sessions. NET works instantly to release a bad memory.

The subconscious is updated and the patient can move on to more helpful responses in the present. How to stick to an exercise regimen.

NET is being used to remove stress, anxiety and barriers that people have. Generally, people get in your own way and are your own worst enemy. NET releases it.

You may ask, what if my life isn’t working out? How can I realistically find happiness? First, get NET treatment to help you get “okay” with your current circumstances. Difficult as it may seem, NET can cause real, tangible change, allowing you to focus on solutions. Accepting your situation, you are able to move on. The change that you can experience through NET is a release of subtle energy and external circumstances begin to improve immediately.

I have treated athletes who were ‘stuck’ in performance. With NET, these athletes were able to go to the next level and become world champions.

Personally, NET has helped me solve many problems. In my experience, it’s unresolved childhood feelings, hurts, and traumas that ruin adult relationships.

Is there any practical way for us to be happy? The answer can be found with NET Although we all have our own unique way, NET is an excellent facilitator for happiness. Remember the law of attraction. What you feel, you attract. Being okay with things now, feeling happy and feeling love for yourself, considering that you are not dead, you will attract money and happiness. Look in the mirror and say out loud: “I attract happiness.”

Are you as happy as you would like to be? Is your personal and professional life growing? Let’s resolve the bad memories that are still negatively affecting you and move on.

With NET, even my animals like me more. Come and see for yourself. I will be happy to provide you with a complimentary treatment session so that you can experience the magic of having your conscious and subconscious in alignment.

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